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We take 2 working days to process your order, for example, if you order before 1pm on Monday, then you will receive the cupcakes on Wednesday, if the order is placed after 1pm then it will be Thursday delivery. If you order on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, then delivery will be the following Tuesday, as we can't post until Monday. If you require the cupcakes on a specific date, then please let us know via the special instructions at checkout, or via email, text message or phone call immediately after placing the order.

When you would receive your cupcakes, once ordered
Day ordered (if ordered before 1pm) Day delivered (delivery between 8am and 6pm)
Monday Following Wednesday
Tuesday Following Thursday
Wednesday Following Friday
Thursday Following Saturday
Friday Following Tuesday
Saturday Following Tuesday
Sunday Following Wednesday

As all of our products are individually crafted, there will naturally beĀ  slight variations in the final product as with all truly hand crafted products, however, we are confident that you will be very pleased with your cupcakes

Our Cupcakes are sent to you in Special Temperature controlled packaging for optimum freshness and prevention of damage to the cream toppings and extensive packaging required for delicate cupcakes. It is important that someone is at the address to receive the Cupcakes, as they are persishable items and the temperature controlled environment within the packaging has a limited life

Designs may vary slightly, depending upon toppings used, because of the difference in ingredients

As our Cupcakes are made to order and personalised to your requirements, orders cannot be cancelled once cupcake making process has been started. If you give us a call immediately then we will try to meet your request if the courier service has not already been booked.

The Cupcakes will arrive fresh, they should be put in an airtight container in a cool place and consumed within 3 days (although they may stay for up to a week, they may noticeably not be as fresh)

Cupcakes with a Cream cheese or fresh cream topping will need to stay in a refrigerator at 3 to 5 Degrees Celsius and be consumed within 2 days of receipt

Someone will need to be at the address between 8am and 6pm on the day of delivery. Also, with courier services, if no one is at home to accept the delivery, they would take it back to base and may charge the recipient to have the parcel re-delivered the next day, or the recipient can collect it from base, but because the cupcakes are perishable items, it is important for someone to be in on that day. We can't take responsibility for any charges incurred due to the recipient not being at home (or refusal of parcel) at the time of delivery. If the Courier charges us for non-delivery, we will pass the charge on to you, this invoice we send will need to be paid within seven days.

Cancellation will incur a 10% administration fee. If the courier booking has already been made by us, then a further delivery and packaging charge will be incurred by the customer.

As far as we know, We are the only Company which sends Halal Cupcakes to all over Mainland UK, we have successfully sent cupcakes and they have been received in perfect or almost perfect condition. However, if the cupcakes are badly damaged on receiving them, please send us a photo via email within 24 hours or send them back (this will be at your expense) so that we can investigate

They are packaged extremely well, however, because they go through a mechanical sorting process, there is a very small chance that some damage may occur therefore any damage which may be sustained (Inshaallaah NOT), then it is out of our control

If you are sending Cupcakes to someone as a gift, then please let your intended recipient know beforehand, as people often reject a delivery if they are not expecting a parcel

For larger orders please contact us beforehand, as we will require more notice and we may be able to give you a discount!

When a payment is made, it will be deemed that the Customer has accepted the Terms and Conditions

No part of this website, including cake designs and images can be reproduced. All rights reserved. We reserve the right to upload photos of our cupcakes onto our other websites, social media and elsewhere

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Business name Registration no. 2288262
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